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A public domain utility for working with PlayStation 2 memory card images.

Status: Released ALPHA version 2.7.
Current Distribution:


A public domain implementation of SCCS written in C++.

Status: Released ALPHA version
Current Distribution: mysc-alpha-


A VxD based slow down utility for Windows 95/98/ME.

Status: Released beta version 0.1.13
Current Distribution:


A utility for running Privateer under Windows 95/98/ME.

Status: Released version 0.1.14
Current Distribution:


A set of library routines and utilities for working with Japanese text.

Status: Beta release, version 1.30.
Current Distribution: myjis-beta-1.30.tar.gz


A macro preprocessor written in Emacs Lisp.

Status: Released version 1.1.
Current Distribution: mymac-1.1.tar.gz


A unified implimentation of terminfo and termcap.

Status: Released version 3. No new releases planned.
Current Distribution: comp.sources.unix, Volume 26, Issue 77


A Qmail clone for Unix.

Status: Unreleased(*).

My Unoffical Wizards & Warriors Patch

A patch that fixes a couple of bugs in Wizards & Warriors.

Status: Released version 1.0
Current Distribution: wwpatch10.exe

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