MySC 2.1 README file

By Ross Ridge
Public Domain

This package is an ALPHA release of MySC, a set of utilities for providing version control. See the file release.h for the exact revision number of the release. It is designed to be compatible with the Source Code Control System (SCCS), a standard part of the development system of many Unix systems. The commands in this package provide similar interface and use the same file format as the standard SCCS commands. MySC is not intended as replacement for SCCS, these utilities were written so that SCCS version control could be used on systems that do not have SCCS. The only significant advantage the MySC commands offer over SCCS is an optional feature for filename guessing similar to that used by RCS.

New in this version:

MySC is written in C++ and currently only supports Unix-like operating systems. Previous versions worked under MS-DOS 5.0 (Borland C++ 3.1, DJGPP 1.10), and SCO Xenix 2.3.1 (GNU C++ 2.4.5), however this release has only been tested with Solaris (Sparc 2.3, Intel 2.5.1) and GNU C++ (2.7.2, 2.8.0). Using an appropriate version of GNU C++ this package should compile on other Unix systems without much difficulty. Because of the many different ways C++ compilers interpret the C++ language, trying to compile MySC with other compilers will likely be much more difficult.

SCCS commands implemented this package are: admin, cdc, delta, get, prs, rmdel, sact, sccsdiff, unget and what. Not all options and capabilities of these commands have been implemented, and the comb, val and vc commands are not provided at all.

The utilities use getopt-like command line argument parsing which differs from how the standard SCCS commands parse commands line arguments. The key difference is that command line options that take arguments can be specified with or without a space (eg. -r1.3 or -r 1.3). This also means that if an option can take argument, it must take an argument. Where supplying an empty argument for an option has meanomg to the standard SCCS commands, the corresponding MySC command provides an additional option that does not take any arguments and uses the same option letter but in upper case (eg. use delta -Y instead of delta -y).

Unimplemented features include the null delta flag (admin -fn), consistency checking (admin -h), ignored deltas (delta -g), printing the differences after a delta (delta -p), l-files (get -l), and getting a delta by sequence number (get -a). Some features like including and excluding deltas (get -i -x) have been implemented but not extensively tested.

See the file INSTALL for information on how to compile the MySC utilities. The file CONFORMANCE compares the MySC utilities to the The Open Group's Single UNIX Specification. Please send any questions or bug reports by e-mail to

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