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The World's Smallest TSR written in C

In response to a challenge (of sorts) on the newsgroup comp.os.msdos.programmer I wrote a TSR in C that when resident only uses 64 bytes of memory. The source is in two files, ralf.c and isr.c. You can compile the TSR using Borland C++ 3.1 with the command: BCC -ms -O1 ralf.c isr.c The function of this programme is trivial: it acts as replacement Caps Lock keyboard LED by displaying a character in the upper-right hand corner of the screen according to whether Caps Lock is on or off.

A neat SUBJLINE definition for rn

This is something I thought was lost for good three years ago, until I found it recently in a co-worker's .profile: from='%(%f=^[\" ]*\([^\"][^\"]*\)[\" ]*<.*>$?%1:%(%f=([ ]*\([^ ].*\)[ ]*)$?%1:%(%f=^ *< *\([^>][^>]*\)>[() ]*$?%1:%f)))' sptw='\040\040\040\040\040\040\040\040\040\040\040\040\040\040\040\040\040\040\040\040' sps='\040\040\040\040\040\040' dottw='....................' export SUBJLINE="%($from=^\($dottw\)\(.*\)?%1%2\n$sps${sptw}:%($from$sptw=^\($dottw\)?%1)) %[subject]" This Bourne shell script sets the enviroment variable SUBJLINE which controls the format of the lines displayed by rn's '=' command. The result is a listing of articles like this: 40376 Deis Re: Looking for Shogun 40377 SOLD : AH/SPI game sale FINAL 40378 DLoucks Re: Corrected Risk Probabilities 40379 Rick Heli Empires in Arms questions 40380 Tom McMahon Re: HELP! 40381 JKAPLEAU@DELPHI.COM Clash of Arms Napoleonics