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Sailor Pluto (セーラープルート), or Setsuna Meiou (冥王せつな) as pictured above, is my favourite sailor scout of the Japanese animated TV show Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. She has long green hair (guess what my favourite colour is) and only Sailor Uranus is taller. It was no contest.

Unfortunately, she appears less often than any other sailor scout, with the possible exception of Sailor Saturn. In the Sailor Moon R she's just the "mysterious Sailor Pluto" that gave Chibi Usa the ability go back in time. It's not until Sailor Moon S that her identity on earth is revealed and she takes on more significant role. So far Sailor Moon S has been the best series and not suprisingly I think Sailor Pluto has one of the best roles in it. She's torn between joining the other two outer senshi in destroying Sailor Saturn before she destroys the world and believing that Sailor Saturn is innocent and doesn't deserve to die, as their mutual friend Chibi Usa insists. And in the end... well I won't spoil it for you if you haven't seen the series yet.

For a while there it was looking like that would be last we'd see of Sailor Pluto, she doesn't appear at all in Sailor Moon SuperS, although she does appear in both the Sailor Moon S and Sailor Moon SuperS movies. Even Haruka and Michiru, show up for one espisode in the series. Considering SS is the worst of the series so far, this may not be too bad of a thing. However, she returns to the TV series again in the latest season of Sailor Moon, Sailor Stars. What an entrance too, appearing out of nowhere carrying baby Hotaru, she whispers her "dead scream" attack and rescues Sailors Uranus and Neptune from attacking crystal monsters. Unfortunately she only makes irregular appearances through out the rest of the series.

No, I'm not going to give the usual list of statistics for Sailor Pluto. Things like her blood type (A) or her favourite food (eggplant) have little or nothing to with her role the TV series. (One would expect someone who's good at sewing, wants to be a designer when she grows up and likes to shop would not wear the same outfit day after day.) If you're curious about this information anyways, check out either Hitoshi Doi's character description or one of the other Sailor Pluto info pages listed below.

Now there's one bit trivia not listed on any of these pages that I've been almost able figure out from watching the show, her aura colour. The sailor scout's auras have become visible a number times thoughout the Sailor Moon series, but it's not until Stars that Pluto's appears. It had seemed pretty obvious the her colour was dark red, as it's her favourite colour, and her jewellrey, even her talisman, the garnet orb, are this colour. When the nine senshi (all but Sailor Moon) "Sailor Teleport" in episode 170, Sailor Pluto's aura is revealed. Unfortunately VHS does nasty things to colour, and it looked to me more white than anything else. However a wide streak of colour appeared briefly behind each scout and Pluto's was deep blue, maybe even dark purple (indigo?). Later in episode 172 when they confront Queen Neherenia and the jewels on their tiaras glow brightly, each apparently according to the senshi's colour. Sailor Pluto's glows purple, almost the same colour as Sailor Saturn's.

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