Sailor Moon Trading Cards

(CD 289) (HC 276) (PP 450) (SSTARS 31)

This page is an index for number of lists of Sailor Moon Trading Card collections either I or my friends collect. They are ment to supplement Hitoshi Doi's excellent lists of Sailor Moon Cards and so are done in his style. Each list has three columns, the first is for the card's number, the second is for a one or two letter type code, and the third is for a description of the card. All cards have one of two code letters, either 'L' for landscape orientation and 'P' for portrait orientation. In addition special cards will have an addition code letter, either 'Z' for a prism (laser) card or 'E' for an engraving card (also known as platina, platinum, and foil cards). Some the descriptions have a phrase in quotes, this is my translation of the phrase written in Japanese on the front of the card. Most of cards haven't been translated because my knowledge of the Japanese language is very poor.

Unfortunately, there are probably some errors in these lists. If you have any corrections or comments you can e-mail them to me at


The following series are indexed here:

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Unavailable Indexes

The following series are being worked on, but I haven't indexed enough cards in them to make it worth while to put a up a list for them yet:

Hitoshi Doi's Indexes

You can find list of cards for the following series in Hitoshi Doi's indexes:

Not Sailor Moon

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