Unofficial Wizards & Warriors Patch

Ross Ridge's Unofficial Wizards & Warriors Patch
Version 1.0

This patch fixes two bugs which prevent the game from working with ATI's Radeon video cards in Direct3D accelerated mode. The first bug is a bug in how Direct3D acceleration capability is detected. The second bug is that the DirectDraw Z buffer gets accessed while unlocked. This second bug makes selecting objects and monsters on the 3d portion of the screen difficult. These bugs may also affect video cards other than Radeons.

This patch also allows playing the game at either 1280x960 or 1280x1024 resolution. In this resolution the user interface graphics that were designed for a resolution of 640x480 are scaled up by a factor of exactly two. This results in a much better looking display than using either 800x600 or 1024x768 resolutions which use fractional scale factors resulting in a distorted looking user interface.

This patch is completely unofficial and unapproved by either the developers (Heuristic Park) or the publishers (Activision) of Wizards & Warriors. I have absolutely no association with either of these two companies. This patch and the utility that applies it are provided for free by me, Ross Ridge, and are in the public domain.

To apply the patch download wwpatch10.exe and run it. It will display a dialog box allowing you to select which enchanced resolution you want patched in. Pressing the OK button will apply the patch to the Wizard & Warriors game executable. You must have already installed Heuristic Park's unofficial patch (version 1.0) for this to work.